Thursday, May 19, 2011


I think we can all agree that we all love ponies right?!
This is what happens when /b/ gets a hold of them...dear god.

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A stroll through the TL

Dear readers and fellow TL residents. This week I want to address/elaborate on an earlier post regarding the beauty of the Tenderloin. Due to its reputation, most tend to circumnavigate around the area in order to avoid unpredictable danger. I mean think about it…from eye-level down, the neighborhood is a shit show. This is completely plausible excuse except that the TL has so much to offer the citizens of San Francisco. Aside from its diverse food options and colorful culture, the architecture alone is breathtaking. Just by adjusting one’s eye level upward, you are able to see a drastic difference between the buildings and its inhabitants. Illuminated by Spanish/baroque style buildings and renaissance-esque overhangs, the TL makes to be a particularly enticing SF detour. The Tenderloin is geographically central, making it the perfect rondevu point as well. The weather also stays warmer longer, making those summer days much more enjoyable. Along with this post, I am submitting a video that I put together; celebrating the sites of the TL. The purpose of “A stroll through the Tenderloin” is to give readers a POV journey through this misunderstood region. The video is also intended to clear up any misconceptions that have been created over the years. Enjoy!

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